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David @david

Taxes stress the hell out of anyone else? I've never had xanax, but now seems like a ripe time. :p

The story of the SSH port #: ssh.com/ssh/port

Lilium shows maiden flight of world’s first working prototype of an electric VTOL jet: youtube.com/watch?v=ohig71bwRU

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protip: don't use computers. It will only end in suffering.

@kellyyyllek (Display issues are generally CSS related — but those are great building blocks to star with)

@Gargron Get non-clear ones! The white ones'll look great.

@fj Keen thought sir, thanks for the reminder. Even then, don't trust urls — manually type them.

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My desktop app for Mastodon now gains mult-account support.


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@david Can you not just make your own fallback xorg config that uses the open driver? Then if the nvidia driver eats it you can just Ctrl+alt+F2 to a different TTY and switch the config.

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@robokel That sounds amazing. I honestly didn't know it was plausible.

Anything that'll do this automatically? I'd love an ctrl-alt-f9 that *always* works. If I can get to a shell, I can fix things.

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@KrGingerich I do tend to keep my data separate these days because of the frequency of issues I have. Last night updating the graphics drivers prevented me from swapping TTY though, meaning busted system entirely.

(I still have my data, just with three less hours of my life)

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@kaniini Much appreciated <3 — I know it'll get there one day.

@gnuconsulting The name was confusing there for a bit! :)

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I suppose as an alternative, I could just leave everything completely stock... ubuntu works out of the box.

The issue is that I can't live in fear that I'm one apt-get update away from fucking my entire day up.

Oh well, back to Apple, a company I have no interest in supporting. I've spent since December alternating between operating systems and I'm calling it quits.

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I want to love open source. I want to invest in open source. I cannot possibly do that when I can brick an ubuntu install by swapping graphics drivers. Fedora is unusable on gtx 1080 (wayland issues). Ubuntu black screens on graphics update.

It's fucking 2017. Implement some sort of automatic fallback if your shit hits the fan with your graphics driver, or if your system is completely fucking unbootable?

I know, I know. "The beauty of open source is you can contribute!"

Me + programming languages: "I'd love to learn language $x."

Step 1: Dig in. Realize I need 3 other pre-req's
Step 2: ?!
Step 3: Somehow arrive at relearning linear algebra or CSS.

Electron/React/JS make my eyes water. Still digging in regardless, but send strong drink.

@BiGbOgGs Use that lovely search feature on the far left. You can also select their avatars & a follow link'll be afforded.

I'm on a different server for example.